VPNtranet Chooses New Advanced Voice Service Platform

Taqua®, LLC, a leading supplier of next-generation wireless and wireline switching systems and applications, today announced Tri-Lakes Internet and VPNtranet have both chosen the TaquaWorks switching solution to expand their existing communications offerings to now include a breadth of full-featured voice services for their growing subscriber base.

“Taqua has been helping companies launch competitive voice service offerings for a decade,” said Scott Weidenfeller, chief marketing officer for Taqua, LLC. “The Taqua 7000 (T7000) is the most economical way for a service provider to cost-effectively establish a new voice service offering. In addition, if you want to layer on the industry’s most advanced applications, the TaquaWorks enhanced feature sets or Taqua MobileWorks provide a variety of residential and business applications, as well as 2G, 3G, and LTE based mobile services that can help differentiate the service provider’s offering even further.”

For over fourteen years, Tri-Lakes Internet has been a trusted provider of data communications services for a variety of retail and business customers within an eight county region surrounding Branson, Missouri. With dial-up, DSL and fiber-optic services, Tri-Lakes can provide its customers a diverse set of internet, hosting, and collocation needs that will now include advanced voice communications. “We have been a customer of Taqua for over five years, utilizing the Taqua 7000 (T7000) to provide internet offload for our data service offering,” said Marc Rys, president of Tri-Lakes Internet. “The beauty of the T7000 is the system’s versatility and flexibility. As our business has evolved and changed, we recognized an opportunity to launch a CLEC business and to do this all we needed to do was purchase IP cards for our existing T7000 chassis. We will also be layering on the advanced TaquaWorks services to provide a variety of new residential and business applications.”

VPNtranet is a 10 year-old, Tennessee-based provider of managed internet and co-location services with customers throughout the South East. “We looked at a variety of possible solutions to form the foundation of our advanced voice service offering,” explained Jim Peace, CEO of VPNtranet. “We choose the TaquaWorks solution based on our assessment of technology, but the people behind the organization also weighed in heavily on our decision. Obviously the Taqua 7000 was a very cost effective way to establish an IP-based voice service offering and the TaquaWorks enhanced feature set delivers the most advanced applications in the industry. However, the Taqua organization showed us the type of focus and commitment that we show to our customer base. In a service-based industry you simply can’t under-estimate this value.”

About the Taqua 7000 Switching System (T7000)

The Taqua 7000 Switching System (T7000) is a leader in Class 5 switch replacement and has successfully replaced virtually every brand and vintage of Class 5 switch in North America. The T7000 is based on a patented “switch-on-a-card” design, in which all the functions of a Class 5 switch or IP gateway are performed on a single circuit pack. The simplicity of the architecture enables the industry’s lowest deployment and operational costs for an end-office exchange, as well as higher reliability with its fewer components. The field-hardened T7000 has been shipping since 2000 and can support a variety of protocols and interfaces including SS7, SIP, MGCP, H.248, GR-303, CAS, NCS, PRI, GSM/CDMA, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

About Taqua®, LLC

Established in 1998, Taqua is a leading supplier of next-generation switching systems and applications. With over 350 system deployments, the company’s solutions are deployed by wireline, cable and wireless carriers as next-generation end-office exchanges. Taqua is the only supplier of next-generation solutions exclusively focused on small and medium sized wireline and/or wireless carriers. Taqua is headquartered in Richardson, TX with research and development located in Hyannis, MA and Richardson, TX and all manufacturing, R&D and support based in North America.